Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The Amateur At Play Test Pressing Mix - Session 2 - MIXED BY AMATEUR AT PLAY

A couple of demo mixes from myself, and some more of my many, many unofficial remixes that feature only in my DJ sets, all squeezed into just over 30 minutes. Not everything in here is even totally finished yet...

1. Black Dogs In Car Parks (Original Demo Mix) – Amateur At Play
2. Thank You Lord (Amateur At Play’s Uplifting Vocal Mix) – Connie Harvey
3. Caint Use My Phone (Amateur At Play’s Uplifting Bootleg) – Erykah Badu
4. I Don’t Know How To Say It (Original Demo Mix) – Amateur At Play
5. Gypsy Woman (She’s Homeless) (Amateur At Play’s Half Asleep Dub) – Crystal Waters
6. Lift Me Up (Amateur At Play’s Uplifting Dub) – Halo & Kemal Feat. Arnold Jarvis
7. Heather’s Dance (Mix 1) – Amateur At Play
8. I Often Wonder (Amateur At Play’s Two Decades Vocal Mix) – DJ Soul Caizler Feat. Darian Crouse

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