Friday, June 03, 2016

The History Of House Music - 1993 [Mixed by AMATEUR AT PLAY]

As it’s a Friday and I’m in a good mood, I thought I’d give everyone who follows me and likes (well, hopefully likes) what I do a present. It might also give you an insight into some of the influences on my music, many of whom actually appear in this set.
I did this mix a few years ago now, and it’s been languishing on my hard drive ever since. It’s filled with tracks solely from 1993 and lasts 90 minutes in total. This was around the time I started getting into house music properly. I knew many of these records at the time, but had absolutely no idea who was behind them.
Back in those pre-internet days, if you wanted to find out who made these records, you had to go to a record shop and seeing that I lived miles away from any of them, (oh, and the fact I was only 8 years old at the time) I didn’t find out until many years later what they were.
The sound quality on this mix wasn’t the greatest, for some reason that has been forgotten in the midst of time. I’ve cleaned up the sound as much as I reasonably could, but this is perfectly okay for listening to in the house or the car or wherever.
Without further ado, here’s the mix. The tracklist appears just below the waveform, and yes, you’re more than welcome to download a copy! Let me know what you think in the comments, on Hearthis, via my Twitter page or by sending a message via carrier pigeon - it’s all good!

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The History of House Music – 1993 [Mixed by AMATEUR AT PLAY]

1.   Show Me (Masters At Work Wild Dub) – Ultra Naté
2.   Take Me Away (Kerri’s Dark Swing Mix) – Massimino Lippoli Feat. Orlando Jay
3.   Nothing Better (T.M.V.S. Club Mix) – Colourblind Feat. Dina Roche
4.   Let The Rhythm Set You Free (The Bathroom Mix) – House Culture
5.   You Got Me (Q.U.I. Rhythm Mix) – Sabrina Johnston
6.   It Works For Me (King Street Club Mix) – Sabrynnah Pope
7.   I Need To Go Away (All By Myself) (Ralphi Needs Bonus Beats) – Tommye
8.   You’re My Only Man (T.M.V.S. Underground Mix) – Raiana Paige
9.   House Of Freedom (Masters At Work Bass Hit Dub) – Freedom Williams
10. Who Do You Think You Are? (Roger’s Saturday Night Fever Dub) – Saint Etienne
11. Emergency On Planet Earth (Danny’s International Club Mix) – Jamiroquai
12. Move It To The Left (3rd Level Banji Mix) – Sultans Of Swing
13. Some Lovin’ (Danny’s Dark & Lovely Mix) – Liberty City Feat. Bebe Dozier
14. Back In My Life (Morales Classic Mix) – Joe Roberts
15. Conga Te (Mood II Swing Jungle Mix) – Doubleplusgood
16. Hey Mr DJ (Mo’s Hey DJ Work This Dub) – Zhané
17. I Can’t Get No Sleep (KenLou 12”) – Masters At Work Feat. India
18. Trippin’ On Your Love (Roger’s Subterranea Trip) – Kenny Thomas
19. I Wanna Be Your Lover (Kerri’s Trackin’ Ya Dub) – Nu Phonic Feat. Charvoni
20. Looking At You (David’s Vocal Dub) – Peelo
21. Climax 1 – Kerri Chandler
22. Keeping My Mind (Vocal Dub) – Black Rascals Feat. Roger Harris
23. Make My Love (UNCO Dub) – Shawn Christopher
24. Climax 2 – Kerri Chandler
25. Falling From Grace (Murk Main Mix) – Romanthony
26. Love So Strong (Metro Dub) – Lynn Lockamy
27. A Place Called Heaven (Fire Island Mix) – Tension


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